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Mar 26

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3/26/2009 7:00 AM  RssIcon

Justice PraiseWriting a review of the Justice Praise website which features the music of Phil Carver has been on my to-do list since The Daily Voice began. In part, I have put it off because I couldn’t decide how to begin!

  • A good place to start would be to tell you that this website features “music for worship in a contemporary style with themes of God’s justice”. Phil Carver’s music clearly reflects his passion for justice. I particularly appreciate Phil’s comments on the Bible and Justice and the importance of using inclusive language.
  • I could just as easily begin by extolling the musical abilities of Phil Carver. He is a talented composer, pianist, vocalist and worship leader.
  • Maybe it would be better to entice you with the fact that the music on Justice Praise is available free of charge for use in your local church. (Remember to include the copyright information as instructed on the site.) You can access lyrics, chord charts and piano and vocal music scores, in addition to listening to a sample of each song. Also helpful are topical, scriptural and metrical indexes of the songs. (If you don’t know what a metrical index is, the site will explain that, too.)
  • Perhaps I should warn you that if you visit Justice Praise you might find yourself spending hours checking out lyrics and listening to samples. (I know this from experience…)
  • It also crossed my mind that I should begin with a disclaimer that Phil Carver is a friend of mine. While all reviews are, by nature, subjective, this one may be biased as well. Phil is a great guy as well as a talented musician.

All of the above things are true and I highly encourage you to check out the website Justice Praise. I think you’ll be glad you did!

~Sally Hoelscher

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