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By host on 2/26/2010 7:00 AM

As Christians we are called to live in community. Ours is a relational faith. As a faith community, we nurture and support one another and together we are the “body of Christ”. Last weekend, ten women gathered together in central Iowa for the Different Voice Women’s Retreat. For one weekend, we were the body of Christ for one another – a community of women who took time for ourselves and together were renewed physically and spiritually. It was a Spirit-filled weekend. One of the wonderful things about the experience was the gifts we gave to each other; gifts that can only be given and received when we live together in community.

By host on 2/25/2010 7:00 AM

My first paid writing gig came about through the strangest of circumstances. A broken hotel ice machine led to a chance late-night conversation in an elevator, which later led to an offer to write a book. When it came out, I think I must have carried that resource around with me for 2 days straight with a big grin on my face. There is a certain thrill that comes with seeing one's name in print, I'd have to admit. Now, twelve years, eight books, and over 200 articles and blog posts later, I'm somewhat more comfortable with calling myself a writer...but I'm not all that keen about heavily promoting my work. However, since an Oprah appearance isn't in my future, I hope you will indulge me as I introduce you to my latest work, Burst: Green Church, which has just been released. I saw the final version yesterday, and I have to say in all honesty that it's my favorite—and probably most important—thing I've ever written. 

By host on 2/24/2010 7:00 AM

woman writingThere is something about putting words onto paper… In response to my previous article, The Write Idea (Part 1), a reader shared a thought about writing she had heard on an NPR program. The idea is that writing can be a place to express emotions that are so big that they need to be let out, yet are too painful to be expressed out loud. In such situations, writing can serve as a liminal space, a safe place to explore our thoughts and feelings. I believe this is true and it is yet another good reason for starting a writing club!

By host on 2/23/2010 7:00 AM

Pause for a moment to think about all of the ways you have done technology-related education in the past year. Make yourself a list, if you wish (in fact, I'd recommend it.) When churches do any education about technology at all, they often do so without any thought to a larger plan. Yet there are many aspects of technology that are relevant to Christian education ministries. Here's a simple way to think about technology and education, so simple you can write it on a whiteboard at an education committee meeting and everyone will instantly get it:

Education [preposition] Technology

This simple phrase can become a starting point for evaluating your own church's ministries and the ways in which you might move forward. Here are six examples of prepositions that ought to receive consideration.

By Different Voice on 2/22/2010 7:00 PM

book coverRegardless of whether you are teaching a story from the Old or New Testament, it is important to keep in mind that the story was not originally written down for you or me or our students. The intended audience for the Bible when it was written was different from us in many ways. They lived in a society with different customs, lifestyles and expectations. They wore different clothes, ate different foods and had different occupations (no computer programmers back then). For these reasons, it is important when teaching Bible stories to keep context in mind.

By host on 2/19/2010 7:00 AM

The posts piled up over the past few days on Facebook and Twitter, and people talked about them in real-life conversations. "What are you giving up for Lent?" "Did you read the story about the guy in the military overseas who gave up Facebook for Lent?" "This year, I'm taking on a good habit instead of giving up a bad one." And then there was the girl at a friend's youth group, who asked her peers, "Could you give up texting for Lent?" (The answer in my church: apparently not, as I noticed some of the middle school girls huddled over their cell phones during the Ash Wednesday service!) For many (including me, I'll admit) this kind of story sharing has become the new ritual that begins the season of Lent. The Ash Wednesday cross is now the secondary mark (pardon the pun) that a new church season has begun.

By host on 2/18/2010 7:00 AM

book coverWhat does God look like?” “Where can I find God?” “What is God’s real name?” “Why do bad things happen?” “Do I have to love people who are mean to me?” If you spend time with young children, you may have heard some of these questions. If we are truthful, many of us who call ourselves adults sometimes have these questions, too. Although it does not have all the answers, (Oh, that it were so easy!) the book Hide & Seek with God by Mary Ann Moore can provide you with stories that will help you explore these questions with the children in your life.

By host on 2/17/2010 7:00 AM

Ash Wednesday seems like an especially appropriate time to talk about prayer. When I talk with children (and sometimes youth and adults) about prayer, I always tell them, “You can pray anywhere, anytime and about anything.” God is accessible to all of us. We do not need eloquent words or a seminary degree to pray. If asked, most Christians would agree with these statements. And yet…

By host on 2/16/2010 7:00 AM

When I come across a great tool, book, DVD, or other resource that I think will help our readers, I have no trouble sharing it. There is, though, one little tidbit that I've kept to myself. Today, I'll reveal my secret source for great clip art and images--at a price that's truly affordable and way below what most people pay for the same service. Until a few days ago, I'd selfishly guarded my secret source and had never shared this information with anyone except for Sally...for no good reason, I finally realized. So, here it is...

By Different Voice on 2/15/2010 7:00 AM

What makes Sunday School at a progressive church different than Sunday School at other churches? It is not necessarily the curriculum that is used in Sunday School, but the manner in which it is taught that sets a progressive Sunday School ministry apart from its counterparts.

Our motto at Different Voice is: “Embrace life. Nurture Spirituality. Inspire change.” These are also worthy goals for a progressive Sunday School ministry. In Parts 1 and 2 of this series, I explored ways that progressive Sunday School ministries embrace life and nurture spirituality.

A progressive Sunday School ministry also inspires change.

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